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Ice-T And Rush Limbaugh Wage Twitter War

Ice-T has now aimed his sight on Rush Limbaugh via Twitter, after Rush called the rapper out on his talk show. Rush Limbaugh had a chip on his shoulder after Ice-T defended gun rights on during an interview about the…

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Ice-T Defends Right To Bear Arms

The tragic shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, has many speaking about gun control, but not all are for the idea.  Ice-T has spoke out on gun control, saying that Americans have the right to bear arms.

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Ice-T’s Documentary Gets Acquired By Indomina

  Ice-T had been looking for a major distributor for his new documentary and was finally able to acquire one after showing the film at the Sundance Festival. Fresh off of showing his documentary Something From Nothing: The Art of…

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Hip Hop

Ice-T Gives His Two Cents On Young Musicians

  Ice-T recently attended the Sundance Film Festival and chimed in with his two cents on today’s pop stars. He believes the newest talent that is hitting the charts are making mistake on what’s important in life. Ice-T doesn’t believe…

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Music News

Ice-T Has A New Album In the Making

Ice-T is back and in full force recording his first studio album since 2006′s “Gangsta Rap.” Hip Hop icon Ice-T recently announced on Twitter (@FinalLevel) that he is at work on a new album.

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Baby Got Back!

Ice-T And Coco Share Their New Novels

We’ve seen Ice-T and Cocoa on their show “Ice Loves Coco.” But they say that life as a novelist is more rewarding. Now they’re hitting book shelves everywhere with their respective novels: Ice-T’s is “urban fiction” while Coco’s is an…

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