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Rihanna Donated $1.75 Million


Rihanna donated $1.75 million in memory of her late grandmother. She donated to her native Barbados hospital. E! News recently reported that Rihanna donated in memory of her late grandmother Clara “Dolly” Braithwaite, who passed away in June from cancer.…

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Rihanna Likes How Chris Brown Has Improved

Rihanna has gotten closer to Chris Brown more and more over the past few months, and even though their breakup was a nasty one, the hip hop artist is “proud” of the way Chris Brown has improved his life.

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Chris Brown’s Gets A New Tattoo

Chris Brown was recently getting plenty of media attention after kissing Rihanna at the VMA’s and now the hip hop singer is back on the spot light as he reveals a new tattoo that raise many speculations.

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Rihanna Honors Grandma With A Tattoo

It’s no secret that Rihanna loves ink as the hip hop singer has on many occasions treated herself to body art. Which is why it would come as no surprise that she infuses the love she has for tattoo’s with…

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