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Joe Budden Wants To Collaborate With Eminem And States He’s Not Lyrically Intimidated


Joe Budden talks about wanting to collaborate with Eminem, and says that the both rappers are “eerily similar.” It’s surprising that the Slaughterhouse emcee has yet to record with Eminem.

A collaboration between the two has yet to be the topic at the Shady Records studio. In a recent interview with DJ Whoo Kid, Joe Budden stated that a collaboration between the two will happen eventually.

“It’s possible,” said Budden in regards to working with Eminem. “We haven’t done solely a him and I record. We haven’t done that. We’ve been in the studio together, but we haven’t recorded. And I mean the one time that I had a record where I thought it would make sense for the both of us to do, he was really heavy into his album. I didn’t want to interrupt that.”

DJ Whoo Kid asked Budden if he was lyrical intimidated by Eminem and Budden quickly responded with a “no.”

“Eerily similar. I agree with that,” Budden shared when the topic of the two rappers personalities was brought up. “That’s why I think the record would be different and it would make so much sense more than people actually know.”

Photo credit: hiphopwired.com

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