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An 1992 Unreleased Tupac Television Appearance Will Air On iFame TV


A footage from 1992 has been found with Tupac and will be aired on iFame TV. The footage comes from a television program called “Dance Party USA.”

This rare Tupac footage will air since it only aired once, on January 12, 1992 and was never seen again. The full 30 minute footage features an interview with Tupac about his work in “Juice,” which is a film that was soon later released.

The episode also shows a performance from Tupac and he was then later part of the show.

Fans can watch the video on iFameTV.com, ROKU and the cellphone app Yamgo.┬áiFame promises that it is, “Tupac like you’ve never seen him before.”

IFame will also be airing other episodes from “Dance Party USA.” The episodes will be having features from Heavy D, Big Daddy Kane and Gang Starr, as well as others. IFame will also air another television program called “Dancin’ On Air,” which will feature more artists as well.

Last year, Tupac made the news headlines when a hologram of him appeared at Coachella to perform along with Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre.

Photo credit: hiphopwired.com

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