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Common Hopes To See Chief Keef Grow

Common done with drake beef

Common has given some advice to Chief Keef so he can move forward in life. Common has also come up with a solution in order to stop violence in Chicago.

In a recent interview with Tiny Sculfield & The Morning Riot Common discussed about his recent hometown. Common gave some advice to Chief Keef and explained on how the communities in Chicago can be rebuilt.

When Common was asked about Chief Keef’s recent legal troubles he gave a straightforward answer. “Right now it’s about making choices,” he said. “Am I gonna go do this, which is gonna turn out to be good for me and I can get all of the things I want in life if I make these good choices… or let my influences be like well I’ma do this and get in some trouble and not think about the consequences.”

He has offered to help Chief Keef from his legal troubles and stated, “I hope he continues to grow and gets his lessons… I’m here to support him.”

Common also stated that some people need to reach out to young kids and let them know what is right from wrong.

“We definitely need characters that care and can come back to the shorties and say we’re gonna give you the love you need. Not just saying you shouldn’t be on the streets, but saying if you have a dream we’re going to help you get to that dream.”

Photo credit: allhiphop.com

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