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T.I. Might Make A Grand Hustle Album Soon


T.I. explains that he’ll be uniting the Grand Hustle crew for an album. There as been talk between Shady 2.0 album, G.O.O.D. Music’s 2012 debut and Mayback Music Group’s expanding list of projects.

Now the recent talk is about T.I. To Al Lindstorm about a possible Grand Hustle album.

He gave little detail about the members of his imprint’s line-up, but he did hint that there will be an album soon.

“Yeah, I’m looking into it, a Hustle Gang album. I’m looking into it,” he said.

T.I. also discussed the tension between both marketing and making music. He tries not to confuse the two because he looks to the sheer quality of his music to see what will make the final cut.

“I don’t even get that deep into it – either I like it or I don’t,” he explained. “I try my best not to analyze [the marketability of my music] because at the end of the day, you shouldn’t have to force yourself to think or feel a certain way about music. It should be organic, it should be natural. You shouldn’t have to say, ‘Now, how do I feel about this record?’ If you have to do that, that means you’re trying to force yourself a certain way, which would be unnatural.”

Photo credit: hiphopwired.com

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