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Celebrities and Their Casino Adventures



Casino gaming has become a popular pastime for many people. Some of this stimulus is in part due to the increase accessibility to casino gaming at online casinos. With more people now confident in playing these games, they are ready to venture to land based casinos. Not only can you play your favourite games at these casinos but there’s a good chance you can also see celebrities. Casinos attract many celebrities who, like the rest of us, are attracted to this form of gaming.

Playing in high stakes poker rooms will help increase one’s chance of running into celebrities. One movie star who is well known as a skilled poker player is Ben Affleck. Affleck is also known to frequent regular poker rooms as do other celebrities. This would include his friend and fellow actor, Matt Damon as well as actress Jennifer Love Hewitt. For instance, singer Jay-Z is known to play poker, along with other casino games such as roulette which you can also play online at www.gamingclub.com/au/online-roulette.

While some celebrities prefer to play poker is larger casinos, some prefer to play in more low key environments. This is true of Jay-Z who enjoys playing in the private casinos found in London. Many celebrities simply want to blend in and enjoy their time away from their demanding lives.

In order to attract celebrities, some casinos cater to their patrons. By offering exclusive poker rooms, some celebrities may opt for one casino over another. For instance in the city of Las Vegas, the Bellagio offers an exclusive poker room which has attracted people such as Bill Gates and Tiger Woods. Some celebrities also can be found in poker rooms. However, they may play for other reasons. This is true for actress Cate Blanchett. While playing poker in a casino poker room, she met her future husband. For this reason, she has a soft spot for enjoying poker at casinos.

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