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Shyne And Meek Mill Had A Beef On Twitter Following The Release Of Cassidy’s “R.A.I.D”

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Shyne and Meek Mill had a small quarrel on Twitter over the weekend following the release of Cassidy’s “R.A.I.D.” Meek Mill found himself in a feud yet again with another artist. This past week, Meek Mill exchanged some words on Twitter with fellow rapper Shyne, after Shyne allegedly praised Cassidy’s record “R.A.I.D.”

“Ayo @OriginalShyne I see u hate all the young niggas that’s out here getting! I can’t respect ya for that…A @OriginalShyne talkin about shout out 2 a nigga that’s no good in the hood..I’m in my hood right now..iced out foreign whips..That’s not G,” said Meek Mill in two separate Tweets made on January 6.

Shyne was quick to respond to the comments and he started to call out the rapper’s ties with Rick Ross who recently compared him to undercover FBI agent Donnie Brasco.

“@MeekMill Your great wit the raps! You in the streets, ok! But your boss is Donnie Brasco! Ice T from new jack city! How u justify that,” Shyne questioned on Twitter.

Soon the beef started to settle down when Shyne saluted Meek Mill as a “street general living by the rules of honor & integrity.” Shyne had made headlines on 2012 with some hip-hop beefs with artists such as Rick Ross and Kendrick Lamar.

Photo credit: allhiphop.com

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