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Diplo Has A New Single “Go Heavy” Featuring 2 Chainz

Diplo 550

Diplo has just announced that he’ll be releasing a new single called “Go Heavy,” which will be featuring 2 Chainz. He also stated that 2 Chainz will be on the “17-verse” remix to Trinidad James’ “All Gold Everything.”

Producer Diplo has worked with many artists such as Major Lazer, Snoop Dogg, BIGBANG’s G-Dragon & TOP, Iggy Azalea and many more. When Diplo was down in Atlanta, Georgia he was recording with 3 Little Digs and soon later hit the studio with 2 Chainz.

In a recent interview, Diplo stated that he has been working on a new single called “Go Heavy,” which will be featuring 2 Chainz.

“We are going to finish this song tonight called ‘Go Heavy.’ It’s crazy. It’s insane, wait until you hear it,” he said.

He also made a mega-remix to Trinidad James’ “All Gold Everything,” which will have 17 verses from 2 Chainz. When the interview was happening, 2 Chainz was downstairs in the studio working on the verse for Trinidad James’ remix.

“I kind of spontaneously came out here. I was talking to 2 Chainz so I just flew out here to do a song with him real quick. He’s down there with Trinidad James listening to a brand new 17-verse remix of ‘All Gold Everything.’”

Photo credit: jmunch.com

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