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50 Cent Discusses How Timbaland Joined “Street King Immortal” And SMS Audio As An Investor

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50 Cent discusses how he linked up with Timbaland for business. Timbaland became a partner investor for his headphones and accessories company SMS Audio.

50 Cent even got to link up with Timbaland for his upcoming studio album, “Street King Immortal.” Timbaland partnered with 50 Cent hoping to help with his SMS Audio venture and to make new designs with the company.
In a recent interview with DJ Whoo Kidd, 50 Cent explained about his partnership with Timbaland.

“That’s exciting, Tim wanting to come and get involved with SMS. Because now, he has ownership in the company,” explained 50 Cent. “Equity ownership. It gives him the same incentive that I have in it moving forward and being successful.”

50 Cent also spoke about his new upcoming studio album, “Street King Immortal.” “I think that when people get a chance to hear the full body of work, they’ll think, ‘Wow. He really put his back in it. He really put his work into this.”

“I put musical interludes on this album instead of a whole lot of talking and stuff like that,” continued 50 Cent. “I made so much music, I just kinda want to get it out, get it off my chest.”

Photo credit: xclusiveszone.net

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