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Ryan Leslie Pays Additional $180,000 In The Stolen Laptop Case


Ryan Leslie was ordered by the judge to add more to his $1 million reward for the recovery of his lost laptop. Ryan Leslie has to pay an additional $180,000 to the $1 million reward.

ABC News recently reported, that the judge ruled that Ryan Leslie pay Armin Augstein for finding his laptop in a forest. Ryan Leslie’s backpack contained his laptop, external hard drive, cash and jewelry, which was stolen in 2010 during his performance in Cologne, Germany. He first started off with a $20,000 reward but soon later bumped it up to $1 million to recover his laptop.

“He made a second reward video and offered $1 million for just the intellectual property on the external hard drive and computer, the session files,” said his attorney David DeStefano. “They’re different from just an MP3, MP3s are nothing for a producer or a studio engineer, they can’t do anything with them. They need the session files. These were his compositions.”

Armin Augstein stated that he found the laptop in a forest and returned soon later after he learned about the reward. Ryan Leslie didn’t want to give him the reward due to the fact that his files had been corrupted, but in November, a judge ordered him to keep his promise and pay the German man his reward.

DeStefano and Leslie did not contend the motion for $180,000 because they plan to appeal the entire decision.

Photo credit: micbullyblog.blogspot.com

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