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Oliver Grant Talks About The Wu-Tang Clan’s Legacy

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Oliver “Power” Grant, executive producer of the Wu-Tang Clan, speaks about the legacy of the group’s brand. The Wu-Tang Clan is approaching their twentieth anniversary later this year and fans are gearing up for what looks like a Wu-Tang revival in 2013.

In a recent interview with Frank the Butcher, clothing designer, the Wu-Tang’s executive producer talks about the crew’s legacy. He stated that the group wasn’t thinking of making a big impact that they did on hip-hop culture.

Oliver Grant also stated that he believes it was RZA’s unique production that made them make the biggest impact in hip-hop and by separating them from their musical peers.

“The reality of it is everybody was trying to get out the neighborhood. We were trying to get out of Park Hill, Staten Island, Stapleton, whatever,” he said. “The was no thought about being the greatest rap group, there was no thought about how rich we’re gonna get…for us, RZA’s production was our music; it was the norm. It’s just that as things progressed, it became our sound. But yes, it was a sound that was RZA’s sound. It was how he felt. You know, it had the eerie, gritty feelings…as time went by, it became ours.”

He also explained that the Wu-Tang Clan legacy made the impact its brand made on the industry. The Wu-Tang’s popularity and successful side-ventures helped open doors for the future generations in hip-hop.

“36 Chambers twenty years later is probably one of the best flips I ever did…it is, in fact, the best flip that I ever did,” he said. “We’re a heritage brand, and did I think it would evolve? Of course I did. But everything has it’s own place in time, and all of this stuff for all of us…there was a time where a lot of these companies didn’t want to be associated with none of this stuff and none of the rappers and none of the things. Nowadays, all the walls are broken for Hip Hop artists. That’s what we were fighting for…this culture would be that much more further if there was a lot less blocking going on and a lot less hating on going by corporate America.”

Photo credit: allhiphop.com

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