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Chief Keef Moved Neighborhoods And Might Be Facing Time In Prison

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Chief Keef will be appearing to court today in the afternoon due to the fact of not informing his probation officer about his recent move. Chief Keef was recently at a hearing on January 28 due to a probation violation case this past year.

He is now going to have to appear today, January 2, to his hearing for another violation. AllHipHop.com recently reported that the court appearance is because of his recent move from his old neighborhood to the more affluent Northbrook neighborhood.

Chief Keef’s recent move did not go too well with his probation officers, since they were not aware of his move to Northbrook. Keef will also have another hearing later in the month for his probation violation charges from the incident in which the Interscope Records signee held a gun in a interview with Pitchfork Media.

Chief Keef has many legal issues, but last year he was able to manage to release his debut album, Finally Rich, in December.

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