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Shyne Explains What Happened During The 1999 Nightclub Shooting

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Shyne explains about the 1999 shooting that sent him to jail. Shyne has been making the headlines this year for all of his beefs he has been having with other rappers.

The now infamous rapper is explaining the night of the 1999 nightclub shooting that had sent him to prison for a decade. In a recent interview with booska-p.com Shyne stated, “People like to be revisionists; they want to go back and change what it was. The bottom line is a situation happened, a very unfortunate situation, where three people were injured.”

Shyne also stated that his situation was one of self-defense and he tried to protect himself. “One of those people tried to shoot me. You know what I’m saying? One of those people tried to shoot me. One of those people was my homegirl. A woman by the name of Tanya Ruben. She was a singer, she was from my block, she was cool. We would go to the studio together, all that, and I’m definitely sorry that she had to suffer. But there was like four guns going off that night, at least …”
Once the interview was about to be over Shyne stated that his co-defendant called untruthful witnesses to the stand. He also named artists such as Ghostface Killah, Fat Joe, Max B and others that rap about the lives they actually live.

Photo credit: kevinnottingham.com

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