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Game States That The 40 Glocc Lawsuit Disintegrates Your Street Cred


Game speaks his mind about the 40 Glocc lawsuit. They came into a blow earlier this year on Twitter by speaking ill between the two artists.

Game ran up to Glocc outside of a pool party and uploaded a video on Youtube of the incident and soon later Glocc sued him for assault and battery.

In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, Game explained how Glocc’s true nature really is and it’s hidden from the public. Game stated that Glocc is really a “nerdy” guy who tries to find rappers in Los Angeles and then runs up to them with a crew.

“As far as Los Angeles Hip Hop is concerned, I’m sort of at the top of the totem pole. Anything that’s a bad representation of me and my region, it’s not pretty cool at all,” he said. “You got this guy named 40 Glocc who I call Lawrence White. Let’s just take the Glocc and 40 out of his name because it doesn’t make sense. That’s like a real nerdy guy being called Bazooka.

It doesn’t make sense. What happens is, he hears about rappers or artists coming to Los Angeles – whether here for awards or here to shoot a video – he rounds up whatever street guys, thugs or not, that he can, and he’ll come to your video shoot or wherever you’re at in the masses, 40 or 50 deep, and he’ll put you in a situation. If you’re not from California, not from Los Angeles and you don’t realy know how it works, you’ll be taken by surprise. Of course, you’re out of the envelope meaning that if you’re from New York and you’re in L.A., you become victim to the area.”
Game filmed the battle between both him and Glocc and he knew that it would soon result into a lawsuit. Game didn’t think that Glocc would really go through with the lawsuit since it really “disintegrates your street cred.”

“Number one, it was a battle that was being fought on the foundation that he talked about my kids. Number two, I don’t think that he was going to sue. That’s the thing with rappers. If you sue, your rap career is done because that disintegrates your street cred. So I thought, this is one of the most street guys ever in Hip Hop, right? Says his mouth and the Internet. So I didn’t think he would sue. Then one day, one of my boys called me and said somebody served papers at the house,” he said. “I get my lawyers and we’ll go and all he probably wants is a couple grand or something, and my money is like, Nia Long, if you can understand that. We’ll take care of that. We’ll address it accordingly and we’ll get out of there.”

Photo credit: thisis50.com

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