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Pharrell Talks About His New Book And About Tyler The Creator’s New Project


Pharrell Williams stated that he’s hoping to hear more music from Frank Ocean, Tyler The Creator, Adele and Jay-Z in 2013. Pharrell also speaks about his new book “Places And Spaces I’ve Been.”

Pharrell has garnered much attention with his book and his music, but he has showed fans about his music and creative endeavors on his book.

His book was released on October, “Places And Spaces I’ve Been” which details Pharrell’s creative endeavors and music career. In a recent interview with MTV’s Buzzworthy Blog, Pharrell explained how the book concept came to mind.

“When I set out to do the book – when I was first presented with the opportunity, what I tried to do was instead of making the book about me I called it Places And Spaces because I’d like to always offer my fans and my supporters a glimpse into the experiences that I’ve had,” Pharrell explained in a video posted on 2DopeBoyz.com. “Being a producer and kinda not really liking things to be all about me. I decided a very interesting take on it would be to engage someone like Hanz in a conversation where you could sort of take his interview in the book and watch Dark Knight, listen to the music, and listen to the interview and somewhere between there find a sweet spot to deduce what it must be like to be in his mind.”

Pharrell also shared a little insight in what the fans can be expecting from Tyler The Creator. He also stated that the project will be a combination of relatable issues and comprehensive rhymes.

“Obviously more Adele. Obviously more Frank Ocean,” said Pharrell when asked what he’d like to hear more of in 2013. “More Jay-Z. More Tyler, Tyler’s new project is crazy. I heard it myself. The rhymes are comprehensive. The chorus’ are so focused on really, really pinpointed issues that people go through. And his production is just – he’s just made leaps and bounds…He’s hungry and I don’t think anyone sees that coming either.”

Photo credit: allhiphop.com

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