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T.I. States That Other Rappers Can’t Do What He Does


T.I. tells rappers, “When you on the mic, you don’t sound as good.” He also stated that when other artists think they are better than him he feels disrespected.

In a recent interview with HOT 97, T.I. explains how he doesn’t like rappers who don’t give him credit as the originator of “Trap Muzik.” He also feels disrespected when other artists think they are better than him. T.I. states, “You can’t do what I do,” and also stated that the reason why other artists have been accepted into the hip-hop community was because of him.

“Listen, man. I’m strongly planted,” he said. “I’m talking in cement and it’s dry – not wet cement, dry cement. I’m firmly planted, holmes. My foundation and structure has been laid with a dozen years in this thing, partna. My roots run deep. I’ve developed relationships. I’ve been building this up for a long time. You can’t do what I do, man. You can’t do what I do. When you on the mic, you don’t sound as good. I’m sorry. You do okay. You do okay. You do okay.”

“I’m tellin’ them the truth, man. I’m just being real…When you on the mic, you don’t sound as good as me. When you on TV, you don’t look as good as me. Your girl’ll tell you.”

T.I. also shares that he opened the doors for many other artists and states that they should thank him.

“Listen, guys. With the exception of Outkast, Goodie Mob and I’ma keep it at there. With the exception of that, before I came in the game there was Lil Jon, Outkast and Goodie Mob so you had Crunk music and you had Organized Noize. There was no such thing as Trap Muzik. I created that. Yes, I did. I coined the term. It was my second album. It dropped in 2003…Now after that, there was an entire new genre of music created, an open lane for each of you to do what you do and live your lives on TV and be accepted by the masses. The masses have accepted you because I opened the door and you walked through it. Don’t forget who opened the door, cuz. You couldn’t have did what you doin’ right now without me, holmes.”

“I think they either forgot or they’re being disrespectful…You can’t have my spot because you can’t do as good as I do at half the shit I do.”

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