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The Probation Hearing Of Chief Keef Was Pushed Back To January


Chief Keef’s probation hearing was pushed back to January. His last probation was pushed to February, but the court ruled another change.

Chief Keef got some breathing room between his debut album, “Finally Rich” and his court case. Chicago Sun Times recently released news stating, “Chief Keef’s probation hearing has been pushed back to the top of 2013.”

His probation violation case has been delayed until January 28, 2013. The court date was for this month December 12, however, the prosecution required more. Aerials in order to trial the 17-year-old rapper. Chief Keef is due at court on charges of violating terms of his probation for pointing a gun at a police officer.

The infamous video interview with Pitchfork Media, Chief Keef used a firearm in which the charges came about.

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Photo credit: allhiphop.com

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