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T.I. Gives Us The Meaning Of His Album Title, “Trouble Man”


T.I. states that Marvin Gaye has something to do with his album title. In a recent interview with BET’s “106 & Park,” T.I. explains the meaning behind his album, “Trouble Man.”

T.I. was questioned on why he titled his album just like the song of Marvin Gaye. “I felt like at that moment in time, Marvin Gaye’s life embodied what the word ‘Trouble Man’ and what the song meant in all senses of the word,” he explained. “And today… I feel like the past six, seven years of my life, and the adversity…in my life that I have endured and overcame, that is synonymous and it embodies what the word ‘Trouble Man’ means today.”

“Marvin Gaye did it for them back then, and I’m doing it for us right now,” added Tip. “Nothing but love and respect, and nothing but salutations and respect to Marvin Gaye and his whole family.”

T.I. also explained the vibe of the album. “It has a more balanced blend of that vintage ‘You Don’t Know Me,’ ‘Top Back,’ Trap Muzik sound with some of the more mainstream radio records that you heard fromPaper Trail.” said T.I. “It’s more of a cohesive blend.

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