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Run-DMC And N.W.A. Members’ Sons Have Their Own Reality Show


The sons of N.W.A. and Run-DMC came together to make their own reality series called, “Seeds of Hip-Hop.” They took notes from their fathers’ entertainment careers and are making a series about shopping a reality show to major networks.

TMZ recently reported, the show will be titled “Seeds of Hip-Hop,” which will feature Dr. Dre’s son Curtis Young, MC Ren’s Anthony Dunbar, Eazy E’s son Eric Lynn Wright, Jam Master Jay’s son Jason Mizell and E-40′s son Droop-E.

The show is created by music producer D’Extra Wiley and will follow the kids as they “make it on their own — while trying to escape the shadows of their famous dads.” They want to make a name for themselves rather than their dad’s success to follow them in the future. People will be expecting them to be just like their fathers one day, but they want to change that so they all got together to make a reality show.

They are currently trying to buy a network without the help of their dads. The networks that are currently being shopped include VH1, TV-One, Fuse and BET. the production is scheduled to begin in a month.

Photo credit: TMZ.com
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