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Freddie Gibbs Leaves Young Jeezy’s Record Label


Freddie Gibbs leaves Young Jeezy’s record label and states that it was a good decision for him to leave. Gibbs also stated that there will be no diss record unless he gets dissed first.

Freddie Gibbs has been spending some time in Young Jeezy’s CTE label and decides that it was his time to move on. The two artists parted ways recently and Freddie Gibbs also talks about leaving Jeezy’s camp.

In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Freddie Gibbs explains that it was the right thing to do when he left the record label. He wanted to do this recently for himself and for his family.

“It was a mutual decision,” he explained, and then stated that there was no reason for him leaving.

“It was a number of things but at the end of the day, it was a good decision for myself and my family. It was a move that I had to make personally and business-wise.”

Freddie Gibbs then added that him and Young Jeezy “just move in different ways.”

“We just move in different ways so it’s best that he move in his way and it’s best that I move in my way.”

He was later asked if he’d release a diss record and Gibbs stated that he wouldn’t start a beef.

“As long don’t nobody diss me, ain’t no diss records coming,” he clarified. “As long as I ain’t disrespected or I don’t feel disrespected then it’s all good.”

Freddie Gibbs also states that he got a new deal.

“I’ve got a new deal in the works so everything’s smooth. Everything’s good…I’m not one of them guys to sit back and be bitter. This don’t define me. This is a move that I gotta to make in my career. Players get traded all the time and go to different teams and win championships.”

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