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Joe Budden States That Trinidad James Has Taken The Nation By Storm


Joe Budden states that he would of liked to have Trinidad James perform at one of his shows. Joe Budden has heard the rapper’s EP and stated, “His music is dope and the lyrics are what hip hop needs right now.”

Trinidad James talked about New York City show at Santos Party House on December 4. In a recent interview with The Angie Martinez Show on HOT 97, Joe Budden spoke about the Southern spitter.

Joe Budden even stated that he was hoping that Trinidad James would stop by his show, which was taking place the day before the rapper’s show at Santos.

“Well, Trinidad James is performing at Santos tomorrow. I’m performing at B.B. Kings tonight. I thought he might have been in town…Yeah, I was gonna try and bring my man Trinidad out,” Joe Budden stated.

Joe Budden even states that he has some similarities with Trinidad’s “Don’t Be S.A.F.E.” EP and then referred the rapper as having “taken the nation by storm.”

“Yes, he has an EP out,” said Budden when asked if he had heard anything other than “All Gold Everything.” “He has another song on the EP. It goes, ‘My side chick is my main chick cause my main chick don’t love me no mo.’ I’m serious. These are real records. These are real records. I just wanna know what’s happening with his situation. Is he gonna end up with a label…Has there been any rap act recently that has taken the nation by storm?”

Photo credit: hiphopwired.com

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