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Freeway Release A Comedic Man-beard Lotion Commercial


Freeway recently made a comedic commercial and he pokes fun at his lengthy facial hair. Freeway is a respected rapper from Philadelphia, but one thing that is impressive is his beard.

In a recent interview with Eric’s World TV, the rapper makes fun of his facial hair. He recently released a comedic commercial saying Freeway’s Man-beard Facial Sanitizing and Activating Lotion. The lotion is to promise to turn the user from a poon to a goon in 21 days. Freeway jokes about mentoring some bearded icons such as Sean Connery and LeBron James.

“What’s up, motherfuckers? I’m Freeway, and this is my beard,” he begins. “It has taken me years to master the art of facial hair, and I have travelled to furthest corners of the Earth, and have spoken to and mentored some of renowned and respected bearded legends of our time. People such as: Sean Connery, James Harden, Zach Gafanafakis, Rick Rubin and LeBron James – by the way, Freeway’s hairline therapy is coming soon. I could never teach you all of the knowledge I have acquired, but lucky for you, I have harnessed all of my wisdom into this little bottle.”

Photo credit: hiphopwired.com
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