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Dr. Dre Praised Game For His Album “Jesus Piece”


Game reveals a text message from Dr. Dre that shows how he praised him for his fifth album “Jesus Pieces.” He might not have collaborated with Dr. Dre, but Game did get his approval on his fifth album.

Game took to Twitter a screenshot from his iPhone messages where Dr. Dre praised him for his album. Dr. Dre is known for making good music, single hits and to get praise from him is every artists’ dream.

Dr. Dre recently tweeted Game for his album work and praised him, “Your album is Dope,” wrote Dre. “The song with the D’Angelo sample ‘All That’ is fuckin Crazy. Great job. Congratulations!!!!” Game responded with a few words of appreciation: “Couldn’t do it without you Doc. Compton !!!”

“Jesus Piece” is a completion of Game’s contract with Interscope Records. The album features artists such as Kanye West, Jamie Foxx, Common and more. Game is planning on releasing a new album in the mid-year of 2013 so fans can know that it’s not the end for him yet.

Photo credit: thisis50.com

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