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Cee Lo Green Was Almost Going To Be An OutKast Member


Big Boi explains how Cee Lo Green was about to be a member of OutKast. Both artists Cee Lo Green and OutKast would record over the years and share comments, yet some fans don’t know that Cee Lo Green was supposed to be apart of OutKast.

In a recent interview with Thisis50.com, Big Boi explains how Cee Lo Green was always hanging around in the studio. “Yeah, kinda sorta. He was hanging out with us. We go way back, so kinda. For a brief minute,” he said. “Me and Dre was just together more. We would see Cee Lo sometimes but not all the time like that. Me and Dre was together day in, day out.” Big Boi was close to Cee Lo Green but he was more closer to Andre 3000 and so they formed the group together. Cee Lo Green was not that talkative to Andre 3000, but instead would talk about recordings with Big Boi and at times talk about going solo in the future.

Big Boi is now preparing to release his new album today “Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors.” The album features Little Dragon, A$AP Rocky and many more.

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Photo credit: thisis50.com

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