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Future Will Be Putting More Substance And Passion To His Next LP


Future explains that his sophomore album, “Future Hendrix” will have more substance and passion than his debut content. With securing placements with Pusha T and Rihanna on multiple hit singles, it’s been a year for Future.

In a recent interview with Sermon’s Domain, future discusses his next album “Future Hendrix.” He explained that his LP will be released sometime in 2013, and will be better than his sophomore album.

The album will be a mix of R&B and street-bangers, Future knows that his fans will notice how much he has grown.

“I want to say “Future Hendrix” will be more R&B based, but it’s going to be more substance, more passion – just more down with feeling,” he said. “I won’t compromise who I am…I know my fans who’ve been down for me from day one, they understand the growth, and they gonna know when they hear “Future Hendrix,” they’ll know that I’m not selling out…they’re gonna understand that I’m doing music that was already happening. But I’ma still have street songs. It’s gonna be street-driven…but it’s going to be more filled up with records with substance.”

Photo credit: thisis50.com

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