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Complex Names Mc Hammer And Ja Rule To The Top Of Its “30 Worst Falls-Offs In Rap History”


Hip hop has existed for nearly forth years, and we’ve seen hundreds of artists strike it big one minute to only watch them fade into the dark. In a recent article on Complex, they wrote about the thirty worst career failings in hip hop history.

The list covered Charles Hamilton to No Limit; except the top who took the top spots were Ja Rule and MC Hammer.

“In the early 2000s, you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing Ja Rule sing-rapping,” they write of Ja Rule. “The rapper born Jeffery Atkins, who at one time was spitting alongside Jay-Z and DMX, shifted lanes and just-about single-handledly took Hip Hop pop, thanks to his collaborations with Ashanti, Jennifer Lopez, and Christina Milian. But it honestly wasn’t the lightweight fare that took its toll on Ja, it was the emergence of his real-life enemy, 50 Cent.”

Of MC Hammer, they say, “Everyone knows this story: MC Hammer danced his way to the top of the charts, made a ton of money and then pissed it all away by attempting to employ half of Oakland while on tour…He became a punchline for ‘The Simpsons,’ a sob story on ‘Behind the Music.’ He only became ‘a thing’ more recently once Twitter suggested that people follow him, for some indiscernible reason.”

Photo credit: hiphopwired.com

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