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Future Will Be Releasing A Mixtape With Drake And French Montana


Future has revealed that he’ll be planning on releasing a record with French Montana and  collaborator Drake. Last month he re-released ‘Pluto 3D.’

In a recent interview with Los Angeles’ Power 106, Future went to discuss the artists he has collaborated with as of late including French Montana and Drake. According to French Montana, he has recorded quite a few songs with French and revealed that they’ll be featuring in their upcoming mixtape.

“We just been going at it, back to back. We just knocking records out every time we see each other,” Future explained in a video posted on LosAngelesLeakers.com. “We just been bumping into each other. In Miami, we in Vegas, or whether he in Atlanta. We just been getting in the studio and making records. And all the records we done came up with we just might just need to make it a mixtape to give away to the fans. Cause it’s always about just giving to the fans and giving ‘em club bangers. Cause they like to see artists collaborate. They love to see that.”

Future also revealed that he has been working with Young Money rapper Drake.

“Man, me and Drake we got new records,” said the rapper. “We got new, hot, exclusive records that I’mma drop the top of the year…We got new records from my album, his album, from mixtapes. We got so many new records together. We got over five records, crazy.”

Photo credit: hiphopwired.com

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