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Marley Marl Was Going To Produce Nas’ “It Was Written”

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Marley Marl was suppose to produce Nas’ sophomore LP. Nas’ career has become the stuff of legends in Hip Hop.

In a recent list, Complex unearths 50 little known facts about the legendary emcee’s career. Nas’ “It Was Written” was supposed to be produced by Marley Marl and “Live Nigga Rap” was intended for Mobb Deep’s “Hell on Earth.”

“‘Live Nigga Rap’ was originally Mobb Deep’s record for “Hell on Earth,” but Nas bought it from them so he could use it on ‘It Was Written,’” reads the article. The list continues with tidbits like, “It Was Written” was supposed to be produced entirely by Marley Marl, but the idea fell through when Nas heard unfinished songs on the radio,” and “The original version of ‘Ether’ featured the line, ‘It should’ve been you in that plane crash’—referring to the plane crash Aaliyah died in.”

Photo credit: hiphopwired.com

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