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T3 Explains The First Meeting Of Slum Village


T3, Young RJ and Illa J had an interview with Shade 45′s Sway in the Morning. They reflected on the legacy of the group Slum Village.

T3 started to explain how the trio formed after he met J Dilla and Baatin in high school, until Dilla went off to get a solo career.

“Started out in ’90 something, early. We went to high school together, it was me, it was a guy named J Dilla and it was Baatin. So we started off then and we got our first deal. I guess Dilla got on with the beats first, ’cause we met Q-Tip. Actually the way Dilla got on was our first demo, and he didn’t really like the songs then,” he said. ”So I guess a couple years passed, Dilla did beats for this person and that person, Busta Rhymes and Pharcyde and all that, and we did the Volume 1. We played it for Tip and Tip went crazy, and then he played it for everybody. We immediately went on the road to do the last Tribe tour, and we toured and toured and did that for a minute and then we came out and got our first deal in ’98. That’s when we did our firs tthhing. Shortly after that album, Dilla left to pursue his solo thing with MCA, and then after that, it was me and ‘Tin and that’s when we did ‘Tainted.’ Dilla was still supplying beats.”

Even when Dilla left the group, T3 states that the group still talks to Dilla and there is no feud with them going on. Dilla provided the group with production and he event appeared in videos. ”It’s still love. He still had beats for us. He was still at the video shoot with us. It was still love. That’s when we dropped ‘Tainted,’ which was our first slightly commercial record. After that, my man Baatin, he got sick after that and that’s when I started bringing Elzhi part of the equation. We’re not together.”

Elzhi joined and then left the group, he wanted to be a solos artist but there were no hard feelings for his former band members. ”Basically, he wanted to be his own artist. Even back then, he was originally supposed to be just a feature in the Slum thing. I think he really just wanted to do his own thing. I don’t have any hard feelings about it.”

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