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50 Cent Explains How He Has “CDs” That Are Worth To Collaborate With Eminem


50 Cent explains that he has many “CDs” for Eminem that are worth to collaborate on. He also name his favorite collaboration he has done with Eminem.

In a recent interview with Power 106′s Big Boy’s Neighborhood, 50 Cent talked about Eminem and Chief Keef. He spoke about his favorite collaboration with Eminem and stated that he has “CDs” worth of duets in the can. He even included “four or five” from the Relapse era and two for his upcoming album, “Street King Immortal.”

“‘Patiently Waiting’ so far. And I like the ‘Psycho’ record that we did on “Before I Self Destruct.” But we never performed that record,” he said. “Yeah. We got like, CDs, man. Once you condition…You’d be surprised. I’ve been writing since ’97, so it’s not like a long, grueling process. Music is fun. If it doesn’t come to you when the music is playing, maybe it’s not the right time for you to be in front of that music. …During “Relapse,” I think there’s like four or five songs during that album. And then we got two on this album.”

50 Cent then went on to discuss about Chief Keef and stated that he never showed up to the video shoot for their single with Wiz Khalifa titled, “Hate Being Sober.” He says that he called Keef three or four times in the day of the shoot to encourage him to come to the set, but he never answered.

“He didn’t show up. As far as Chief Keef is concerned, I’m a Chief Keef fan. I like what he is, because he’s something that’s been completely created by the environment. That’s what Hip Hop was initially. Now, we’ve got people from so many cultures. Hip Hop is Pop now. It’s Pop music. It’s so broad,” he said. “Now, when you see Chief Keef, I look at him and go, my son would be Chief Keef if he didn’t make it. So I look at him and like him. I think he can blossom and grow into something better. For some of the same reasons that I enjoyed¬†Soulja Boy¬†when he first came.”

50 Cent even added that Keef must of been feeling ill and didn’t think it was important to appear at his own shoot. Even til this day the video hasn’t been shot and the label is planning on dropping the single the same day as the album.

“You know how you get momentum and you feel like Michael Jackson for a minute, like i’m the one right now? He feels that he’s so hot in his circle that he could do that. But the video still ain’t shot. They say they’re going to put the song out as the CD comes out. The song is supposed to build the momentum to sell the CD. Now, they’re saying, we’ll put it out day-of. How are you going to sell records like that?”

Photo credit: allhiphop.com

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