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Freeway Explains Why G-Unit Went Down The Drain


Freeway explains why G-Unit fell to pieces and how his relationship with 50 Cent was first formed. Freeway is getting ready for his album, “Diamond in the Ruff,” which was just released on November 28th.

In a recent interview with¬†ThisIs50.com, he started to explain the rumors of G-Unit signing, which was around 2007 when his sophomore album, “Free at Last,” was released.

He also stated the fact to sign to the imprint but the deal fell through and he has no problems with 50 Cent.

“At the last minute, everything fell apart. It is what it is. I still got a lot of love for Fif, he still did a lot for me. That’s the big homie, too,” he said. “When I was coming up and when Fif was coming up, we was doing a lot of shit at the same time. We was on tour together doing a bunch of different shit, we always just bumped into each other and it was just a mutual respect. We dropped and he skyrocketed. Once he got his shit popping, he was like, ‘Damn Free, whatever I can do to help y’all, I’ll make it happen.’ So we came up with the idea of him and Jay both executive producing my album.”

50 Cent and Jay-Z weren’t able to share a co-executive production credit on the LP.¬†”You know how it is, it’s politics and all that shit. They tried to make that happen but it didn’t work it. But it still was good for me anyways, so it’s still all good.”

Photo credit: thisis50.com

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