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Wiz Khalifa Talks About “O.N.I.F.C.” And His Marriage Plans

Amber Wiz_11-27-2012

Wiz Khalifa discusses about his marriage plans and states that he will be getting a marriage license. Wiz Khalifa is getting ready for his new sophomore album and his new baby.

Wiz Khalifa is about to end the year with great plans to continue with his good fortunes by becoming a married man in the very near future. In a recent interview with HOT 97’s Angie Martinez, Wiz Khalifa reveals that his fiancée, Amber Rose, have made plans to filing their marriage license in a couple weeks.

“We’re gonna get like license marriage,” Wiz shared. “A couple of weeks we’re gonna have that done. I’ve said it, I don’t think people really understood what I was saying. They’re like ‘Yeah okay, whatever.’ Definitely, like in the next few weeks. Before or after I get off tour. You just sign the papers or whatever and it’s like a legal thing. It’s like ‘Bam, you’re married.’ And then when you have the ceremony that’s when you invite the family, she can fit into her dress.”

Wiz Khalifa has completed his album “O.N.I.F.C.” before he knew that he would be expecting his first child. He also revealed that the album does include a mention of Amber Rose, who gave a helping hand by rapping on the album.

“I actually did all the music-pre-baby. But the work and the grind and everything goes towards the baby though. I talk about Amber in the music though for sure. She’s on the album too, rapping…It’s super tight,” said the rapper before stating that he’s a little biased.

Wiz Khalifa’s sophomore album will be hitting stores and online December 4th.

Photo credit: allhiphop.com

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