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Drake And Chris Brown Avoid Charges Over Nightclub Incident


Drake and Chris Brown have been in court for the past couple of months due to the fact that they had a fight in a nightclub. They were really good at dodging bottles, but they also dodge charges for the nightclub incident.

Drake and Chris Brown will not be facing any criminal charges as the result of the alleged nightclub brawl. TMZ also recently reported  that the authorities have concluded their investigation, and there will not be any criminal charges against the rappers. There wasn’t enough evidence to move forward on the case, so they dropped the charges.

Some sources state that the surveillance camera in the nightclub show that Drake and Chris Brown hurled bottles at one another. The video was dark and blurry that the authorities couldn’t make use of the evidence.

“Drake was never even a suspect so it’s no surprise,” said Blair Berk, Drizzy’s lawyer.

Even if both emcees weren’t charged for alleged assault, they won’t be crossing paths for quite some time. Both emcees don’t want any beef, so they’ll be keeping their distance from one another for now.

Photo credit: TMZ.com

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