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Kendrick Lamar Doesn’t Want To Rush To His Next Album

Kendrick Lamar stated that he won’t be releasing his next album, due to the fact that he wants “good kid, m.A.A.d city” to breathe. After his debut album was released, Kendrick Lamar has been answer questions left and right. He’s also in no rush to discuss any new material anytime soon.
Kendrick Lamar is mostly focusing his energy on promoting his latest effort. In a recent interview with RWD TV, K. Dot explained why he’ll be taking his time with the next album. Kendrick Lamar even started to talk about the artwork of “good kid, m.A.A.d city.”

“In the cover, I blacked out all of the eyes, my uncles’ eyes, to show the innocence of a kid. No matter what he’s surrounded by, he still has that innocence, that presence of wanting to figure out the world and be himself,” he explained. “It represents everything about the album. I had this for awhile. I knew this would be my first album cover.

“The artwork is really about sharing the moments inside the album that makes the connection. I’m used to albums having the total package like that…I really wanted something to define the music, to stick with the music.”

When asked about his plans for his next release, K. Dot said that he wants to let this one sit for awhile before going into his next project.

“I like to let things breathe,” he shared. “A lot of times the music gets oversaturated and the people get tired of seeing your face. So you have to keep reinventing and know that timing is everything. I won’t keep hitting them over the head. Y’all gon’ live and sit with this for a second and really appreciate it.”

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