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J. Cole Explains How “Miss America” Shift Cultures


J. Cole states that he is trying to shift things with his new single. J. Cole is preparing for the release date of his sophomore album, Born Sinner, which will be released on January 28th.

In a recent interview with Billboard.com, J. Cole stated that he will be releasing his single, “Miss America.” J. Cole even explained the he won’t be a big hit, but he wants to try and shift music in a different direction.

“I just had a conference call with a bunch of program directors from across the country, and I’m trying to explain to them that as the artists and the program directors and DJs, we have like a responsibility and a certain power that comes with making the music and playing the music. And that comes with a responsibility to keep things fresh and not to fall into the mode of what’s traditional,” he said. “I have singles that fall into that, but if I can use my power in some kind of way, I’m gonna try to use it to shift culture just a little bit. To me, ‘Miss America‘ shifts things a little bit, it changes the conversation it takes it in a more aggressive direction, more raw, more social commentary… Any type of commentary is good compared to what a normal single is these days. That’s my aim, is to shift culture slightly, change the conversation. Nobody expects that for your first single.”

J. Cole even has plans to release a short film with the album. He wouldn’t give that much details, but he did say that it will feature all of the songs from the LP.

“There are certain things I want to do promotion-wise. We’re shooting a short film. There are certain things I want to do branding wise. There are things I want to do promotionally that I didn’t get ot do with the last one,” he said. “A short film, something way more expansive than a music video.”

Photo credit: TMZ.com

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