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A$AP Rocky Explains How He Inspires Kanye West And Hates Lil Wayne’s Style


A$AP Rocky has stated that he hates Lil Wayne’s fashion style and then proceeded to state that he inspires Kanye West. After saying he hates the way Lil Wayne dresses sometimes, A$AP Rocky says he inspires Kanye West. “There’s no way in hell you could tell me that I don’t inspire Kanye.”

A$AP Rocky recently stopped by DJ Drama’s show, which they both started to talk about fashion. A$AP Rocky then clarified some comments, which he stated that he hates the way Lil Wayne dresses. He also added that he inspires Kanye West, since A$AP Rocky is his biggest fan.

“I hate the way Lil Wayne dresses sometimes,” Rocky said. “The lime green Ugg boot thing? I didn’t like that but that’s his style. There’s people who probably hate the way I dress – not a lot – but a few people might hate the way I dress. That’s my style. At the end of the day, I’m not judging. They asked me my opinion, how I felt, and all I gave them was my feedback. He’s got way more money than me, way more successful so I can’t say nothing bad about him.”

He then continued to talk about fashion and stated that the inspiration between both Kanye West and him is mutual.

“Kanye inspires me. There’s no way in hell you could tell me that I don’t inspire Kanye. Everybody, as an artist, could look at it as competition but it’s just clothes.”

Photo credit: hiphopwired.com

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