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Andre 3000 Will Not Be Releasing The Video For “Sixteen”


Andre 3000 has stated that he will not be releasing the video for “Sixteen” due to the timing of his writing treatment. Rick Ross previously stated that Andre 3000 was working on a video treatment for “Sixteen,” which was a collaboration from his latest album, “God Forgives, I Don’t.”

According to Tree Stacks, the video won’t be seeing the bright light of day anytime soon. In a recent interview with Global Grind, the OutKast member was explaining how he ended up focusing on another job, which caused him from doing the treatment needed for the song. He wasn’t able to complete it, yet he was going to learn how to direct and try the skills behind the camera.

“It actually didn’t happen because of timing,” he said. “I got into another project. I really hated that we didn’t get that going, but I am looking into film, going down that path, because I’ve always been into ideas and even early OutKast videos, I’ve always been part of the concept and what it’s going to look like. I just didn’t have the skill. So I’m trying to learn and teach myself how I can get these ideas out. So I’m going to be behind the camera.”

Photo credit: thisis50.com

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