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A$AP Rocky Reflects On SpaceGhostPurrp “Racist” And “Bipolar”


A$AP Rocky was recently featured on the Complex magazine cover once again. The issue will be released until December 2012/January 2013.

In the recent interview, A$AP Rocky was previously covered on the Complex magazine with Jeremy Scott. He discussed how Kanye Wests’s fashion influence him and that his fans can expect his upcoming debut album, “LongLiveA$AP.”

A$AP Rocky also explains how falling out with SpaceGhostPurrp and stated that his life “revolves around hating on me.”

“I had a lot of close friends stab me in the back for their own greedy desires. I never saw that coming. I never thought my real niggas would be on some fuck shit with me, and do wack shit. I’m a good nigga, and a lot of people fuck with me and then leave with these accusations trying to fuck up what I worked hard for,” he said. “For example, the whole thing with SpaceGhostPurrp. I didn’t say anything. He’s putting his foot in his mouth. People are starting to see he’s a racist and crazy and bipolar. I look on the Internet and every time we put something out he gets his Raider Klan people to be like, ‘You’re biting,’ and it’s like, ‘You’re just mad I’m bigger than you.’ His life revolves around hating on me, and this is a guy who used to live in my house. My mom took care of him. Before I had a record deal we were sharing dinner plates and shit.”

A$AP also stated that a reconciliation with SYP, but said that his actions aren’t taken lightly and are making this hard for him. “It happened. It’s like it was meant to happen. It is what it is. When the heat came down, he was the only scared one. He was going to have to serve three days in jail like everybody else. Long story short, Purrp went down South, started talking shit about niggas. It was a cowardly move.”

Photo Credit: allhiphop.com

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