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So You Think You Can Sing?


Although some people are born with artistic ability, the reality is that anyone can become an artist through training, whether in music, dancing, singing, acting, rapping, or anything else.

The art of singing and rapping is not a realm reserved only for a chosen few who exhibit talent as a child. Rather, it is a world to be explored by people of all ages and backgrounds who have an interest in developing their creativity and talent, on stage and off.

Many people would love to improve their singing skills, but over the years they’ve come to the conclusion that they can’t belt it out. Qualified vocal teachers would probably disagree with that assessment. In fact, most vocal teachers insist that the only people who aren’t able to sing are the ones that don’t have the guts to try.

A lack of self belief is often the biggest obstacle that aspiring artists must overcome. Perhaps they feel that they don’t possess as much raw talent as someone else. That may be true, but most art is a skill that must be learned, practiced and explored. There are too many movies that make audiences believe that only “a natural” can really make it in this world as a singer or rapper; this couldn’t be farther away than the truth. With the help of professional teachers, even people with very little natural ability may find themselves to be a capable vocalist or a graceful dancer.

Quality voice lessons tend to be expensive and even a little hard to find, and this can be another obstacle that keeps future pop artists from developing their skills. Many organizations offer scholarships and reduced tuition classes that enable young artists to receive the same instruction as their peers who are on more stable financial footing, so that anyone can follow their dreams of being the best singer or rapper to enter the music industry. Additionally, performers might audition for community theater productions. These plays and other performances may not include a paycheck, but they certainly pay well in real world experience.

Great training shows when the artist performs or auditions. The time and effort they have put into their education and preparation will clearly separate them from the competition. Nonetheless, singers and rappers should still be prepared to deal with occasional rejections. The trick is to keep training and to keep trying. It’s impossible to know when a big break is right around the corner.

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