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Saigon Explains The Title Of His Album, And How He Was Almost A Part Of G-Unit


Saigon explains how his album was inspired by an old Roman ideology, and shares an untold story about 50 Cent.

In a recent interview with ThisIs50.com, Saigon started to explain his never before told story about 50 Cent. Saigon stated that he was rolling with both 50 Cent and Sha Money XL during his early days with Interscope Records.

He also stated that he was practically a member of G-Unit during the recording of 50 Cent’s record, “After My Cheddar.”

“I’mma keep it one-hundred. This is when Fif had just got the deal with Em,” said Saigon. “Untold story, this is the first time I ever told this story…I was damn near part of G-Unit. That’s where it was going. You don’t understand, I was in the basement with these dudes. I was in the basement with Sha and Fif. I was there when they were recording, ‘You’re after my cheddar…’ I was watching them in the booth like this kid is onto something big…He a good dude though, he got a good heart. Cause he embraced me from the start.”

“The Greatest Story Never Told Chapter 2: Bread And Circuses” was released earlier this week, and Saigon spoke about the project and specifically gave an explanation behind the title. That the album title, “Bread And Circuses” stems from an old Roman ideology.

“I’m an avid reader, I read a lot. Bread and circuses was an ideology in Rome. When Rome was like America, Rome used to be the superpower of the world. So when Rome was like America they had this shit called bread and circuses which was to pacify the masses,” Saigon explained. “Give ‘em and food and entertainment and they’ll be so caught up in shit while we over here, the government, doing real shit. We over here stealing the oil. We just telling nigga’s gas prices high. We don’t tell ‘em why…Meanwhile we’re so entertained all year round, but there’s never no time to really sit and think.”

Photo Credit: saigoneverything.com

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