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Killer Mike Explains His History With Voting Rights On Election Day


Killer Mike wears a shirt that says “I’m Glad Reagan Dead” to his local voting station.

He was explaining the key issues in yesterday’s election which included to legalize marijuana and education reform.

November 6, 2012 Killer Mike went to vote in the Presidential and local elections in Adamsville, Georgia.  Killer Mike sported his signature “I’m Glad Reagan Dead” t-shirt at the Berean Seventh Day Adventist Church. He explained that his choice goes deeper than the electoral politics.

Killer Mike started to explain his families voting history and their link to the Civil Rights struggle. Killer Mike is the person who made the song titled, “Reagan” on this year’s R.A.P. Music album. He even starts to explain his strong connection with his right to vote. “I vote because I feel like it’s a blood oath. My grandmother brought me here. She marched with Dr. Martin Luther King in Alabama, and she brought me here from the time I was about five years old. I’ve been at every poll with her, and she died this year. So this is my first time going to vote without her, and it was real emotional for me.” The Grind Time Rap Gang leader added a humorous note, “I was always considered to be a rebel. I used to park my car in the pastor’s wife’s spot, but now I don’t.”

Photo Credit: sized.nl

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