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Many In The Hip Hop Community Show Their Support For The Grass Roots Movement


The hip-hop community have showed their support on the Hoodie Vote, which aims to end stereotypes in this coming Election Day.

This past year people all across the world wore their hoodies in support of a slain teenager, Trayvon Martin, in the hopes of stopping the killing of the Florida youth. Election Day is just days away and people are hoping that others will wear their hoodies once more, so they can put a stop on stereotypes.

This organization is already active around the world in 50 colleges, and it has gained a lot of interest from DJ Greg Street, Jasiri X, and Russell Simmons.

“It’s not about capitalizing on something tragic, we want to turn tragedy into triumph,” said Trell Thomas, co-founder and national coordinator. “It’s another opportunity to send a message that while some thought we were robbing, killing, stealing, and looking ‘suspicious’ in our hoodies, we are out here working, making a difference, and changing the world in our hoodies.”

There is only one week left until Election Day, and Hoodie Vote is hoping that one-million people will show up to vote while sporting their hoodies. This will help break the silence in the process of stereotypes.

If you’d like to help out on the cause of get more information you can visit Hoodie Vote on HoodieVote.org

Photo Credit: hoodievote.wordpress.com

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