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Kendrick Lamar Explains His “Biggest Regret”


Kendrick Lamar remembers having the talk with his father when he was younger, and he wishes he had experienced the college life.

On Lamar’s “good kid, m.A.A.d city” he has a big star in the tracks and that is his father. His father was mentioned in many of the album’s skits, and we can tell that his father had a great impact on him when he was younger. In a recent interview with FUSE, Kendrick Lamar opened up about regretting not going to college, and how his father tried to teach him about sex at an early age.

“My parents tried to teach me about sex my whole life. My pops would be like, ‘Nigga, you gotta put a rubber on because you’re gonna have a thousand kids and you aren’t gonna be able to support ‘em.’ That’s when I was five years old so you can imagine how vulgar it got as time went on laughing.”

“Not experiencing college, at least for a semester, that was my biggest regret, doing it while I was in my teens, at least to get the feeling and try to understand it. Now, all these years have passed, I done got deep into a musical career, it’s gonna be hard to find the time unless I really put my focus into it.”

Kendrick Lamar also spoke on many other topics, such as how Brandy was his childhood crush and he even described how he would deal with a bully at school. Lamar even spoke about his favorite cartoon character and how he was always part of the school recitals.

Photo Credit: jjmtmusic.wordpress.com

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