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Lil Wayne Explains Why He Gets Seizures


It was reported earlier this week that Lil Wayne had suffered from two seizures while boarding a flight to Los Angeles.

Lil Wayne was in a hospital recovering after suffering two seizures in the past 24-hour period.

TMZ reported that Lil Wayne was about to fly from Texas to Los Angeles, California when he began to get a seizure. The flight attendants didn’t know what to do, so they had to call the flight captain. Lil Wayne’s flight was then given directions to take him to Louisiana where he was then admitted into a hospital for recovery.

Saturday night he was hospitalized after suffering “seizure-like” symptoms on the flight, and later he was attributed to dehydration and migraines. He was later released from the hospital in Louisiana hours after his admittance and was taken home to continue resting until he felt better.

Lil Wayne’s rep told MTV News that he did not suffer from anything, instead he just had a killer migraine and is at home in Louisiana resting. He also stated that it must be the “flu season” that got him sick and the stress from work.

We will make sure to keep you updated once we hear more news about Lil Wanye, so stay tuned to HipHopRX.

Photo Credit: trukfit.com

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