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Eminem Announces New Studio Album for 2013


In 2013 Eminem will be releasing his eighth solo album for his fans.

Eminem has been in the game for nearly 20 years and it’s about time he released his next album. Fans will now know that Eminem will be releasing his album around 2013.

He has had many hot albums and has been in the game over the years without losing his touch. He comes out with great beats, lyrics, rhymes,and just knows how to make a hit single without even trying. We are expecting a lot of features on his album from other hip-hop artists, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Eminem made the announcement  this past week while wearing his limited edition baseball cap inspired by the Detroit Tigers.

The hat has the words “World Champion” written on the side and lists the years Eminem has released an album over the years. The years on the hat are: 1996 (Infinite), 1999 (The Slim Shady LP), 2000 (The Marshall Mathers LP), 2002 (The Eminem Show), 2004 (Encore), 2009 (Relapse), 2010 (Recovery), and  the year 2013 is also on the cap which we believe he’ll be releasing his next album.

The hat is available for purchase on Eminem’s web store here. You can be the first to purchase the cap and show it to your friends.

Photo Credit: lyrics.nafanura.com

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