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The Murder Of Lil Jojo May Be Linked To Others


The murder of Lil Jojo is linked to a series of possible gang shootings, and the police are investigating this issue.

Chief Keef made news headlines when he mocked the  murder of Lil Jojo on Twitter. In a recent report from Chicago Tribune, the police stated that the shooting may be linked to other murders.

The 18 year old Chicago rapper may be linked to a number of murders that took place in the city. The death of Jojo and at least two others may be linked to a gang violence between warring factions. The war is against the Gangster’s Disciples and the Black Disciples.

Police stated that the murder of 26 year old Keith Bonds and 25 year old Larry Porter may be related to the death of Lil Jojo. Bonds was with the Black Disciples, the same as Chief Keef and was seen in a video mocking the death of Lil Jojo. Lil Jojo on the other hand was affiliated with the Gangster’s Disciples which caused this outbreak. Porter was shot in a drive-by shooting.

Chief Keef is being investigated for any connections to the death of Lil Jojo. HipHopRX will be keeping you updated as soon as we hear anymore information on this issue.

Photo Credit: ipowerrichmond.com

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