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Chief Keef Was In A Recent Interview At A Gun Range, And Now The Prosecutors Want Him Back In Prison


Chief Keef violated his probation order on two occasions, and will be returning to juvenile detention.

According to the Chicago Sun Times, Chief was reported in an incident where he was pointing a gun at a police officer and was then sentenced to 18 months of probation. He was then later found on two other felonies, and the Cook County prosecutors want Keef in prison.

Chief Keef was interviewed by video at a local gun range back in June. The 17 year old was holding a gun, which is a direct violation to his probation. His probation prohibits him from having guns, illegal drugs or associations with gang members.

The Cook County prosecutors also stated that Keef failed to complete his GED by a court ordered deadline. On September 30th police responded to a call of gang disturbance and found Keef associating with the Black Disciple gang members. He also failed to give his probation officer his new cell phone number.

Chief Keef is recording his debut album in California as of now, where he’ll be returning until his November 20th court hearing. He suspects that everything will play out his way and he’ll get off the hook. “It’s a piece of cake,” said Keef.

Photo Credit: hiphopsense.com

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