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Tech N9ne Wants To Collaborate With Rick Ross And Eminem In The Future


Tech N9ne wants to record with Eminem and Rick Ross on a track for his next album.

He has over a dozen projects ready to go and ten-plus years in the hip-hop game. Tech N9ne has been able to establish himself as go-to collaborator for a number of hip-hop’s hottest artists. In a recent interview with Montreality, Tecca Nina reveals the top artists in Tech N9ne’s list with whom he wants to work with in the near future.

Tech N9ne gave a lot of numbers of artists to collaborate with, ranging from Cee-Lo Green to rock groups such as The System of a Down and the Doors. The two biggest artists that Tech wants to collaborate with and top all other artists are Rick Ross and Eminem.

“I always wanted to do a song with Eminem, ‘cus I wanna hear myself with who I deem the best lyricist that I’ve heard – that’s one big one,” he said. “I was just playing System of a Down, I love their music. I always wanted to do a song with the Doors…those are some of the people that I would work with. Cee-Lo Green, Rick Ross – hate on Rick Ross all you want, the nigga can rap, fuck y’all. I’ve heard him go from good to better to damn good to better than damn good. I’ve heard him do it.”

Photo Credit: blogs.villagevoice.com

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