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Beyonce Drops Her Role For The Remake Movie “A Star Is Born”


Beyonce has dropped her role for Clint Eastwood’s new film “A Star Is Born”.

After last night’s surprise at the MTV Video Music Awards, Beyonce and Jay-Z took by storm the fans with the pregnancy announcement. Beyonce being pregnant has already impacted the production of the movie “A Star Is Born.” Warner Bros. wanted to begin filming in February of 2012, but it had been pushed back since Beyonce made the announcement.

The push is not a bad thing, yet it’s something positive since they have yet to find the male lead for the film. Some staff members are stating that the lead role will go to Will Smith, Christian Bale or Leonardo DiCaprio. None of the three actors have yet to finalize the deal for the role yet.

Beyonce expressed herself by saying, “Tonight…I want you to feel the love that’s growing inside of me. I am grateful for this gift, the gift to life and the love and support from my fans.”

Variety hasĀ  made a report stating that Beyonce dropped her role in the remake and Warner Bros. has yet to comment about this issue. It wasn’t that the movie was delayed too much, but rather Beyonce’s schedule was too packed and since filming hadn’t started it was hard for her to commit herself to the movie.

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